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Belarus is the last country in Europe and former Soviet Union that is still carrying out the death penalty. Amnesty International, Human Rights Centre “Viasna”, Belarusian Helsinki Committee and other human rights defenders in Belarus oppose the death penalty in all cases without exception. The death penalty is a violation of the right to life, guaranteed by the Constitution of Belarus and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nothing can justify the purposeful and ruthless taking of a human life by State.

The death penalty is a destructive and divisive public policy that has been shown to have no special deterrent effect on crime. It distracts from effective measures being taken against criminality through promoting simplistic responses to complex human problems. It denies the possibility of rehabilitation and reconciliation. It prolongs the suffering of the murder victim’s family, and extends that suffering to the relatives of the condemned prisoner. Amnesty International, Human Rights Centre “Viasna”, Belarusian Helsinki Committee does not seek to belittle the suffering of the families of murder victims, and recognizes and endorses a government’s duty to protect the rights of all people under its jurisdiction. However, executions are a symptom of a culture of violence rather than a solution to it. By executing a person the state commits a premeditated killing and shows a similar readiness to use physical violence as the criminal.

In Belarus the use of the death penalty is compounded by a flawed criminal justice system that administers capital punishment in a manner that violates international laws and standards pertaining to the death penalty. There is credible evidence that torture and ill-treatment are used to extract “confessions”; condemned prisoners may not have access to effective appeal mechanisms; and the inherently cruel, inhuman and degrading nature of the death penalty is compounded for death row prisoners and their relatives by the secrecy surrounding the death penalty. Neither prisoners nor their families are told the execution date in advance and prisoners must live with the fear that every time their cell door opens they may be taken for execution.

We call on the President and Parliament of Belarus to immediately declare a moratorium on death sentences and executions as a first step towards full abolition of the death penalty.

The number of signatories 17 522

Name Country Date of fill
Валерия Комбарова Самара, РФ 25.09.2023
Анастасия Лагуновская Могилёвская обл., Могилёвский р-н, Беларусь 24.09.2023
Алена Казакова Гомель, Беларусь 02.09.2023
Алена Яфіменка 08.08.2023
Анна Шевченко Тбилиси, Грузия 10.07.2023
Настасся Крывiцкая Гародня, Беларусь 12.06.2023
Аляксандр Бабарыковіч Менск, Беларусь 11.06.2023
Birgitt Fink - Giordano 67373 Dudenhofen, Germany 09.06.2023
Joerg Sommer Frankfurt, Germany 04.06.2023
Philipp Ewers Pforzheim, Deutschland 24.05.2023
Dead Body Cv, Cloth 02.05.2023
Мария Чеснокова 28.04.2023
Julia Eymer Berlin, Deutschland 15.04.2023
Алексей Иванов Минск, Беларусь 15.04.2023
Андрэй Корзун 27.02.2023
Анастасія Виборна Київ, Україна 21.02.2023
Viachaslau Kamyshkailo Denver, USA 19.02.2023
Таццяна Цімашэнка Менск, BY 25.01.2023
Smoky V Cape Girardeau, USA 21.01.2023
Stuby Vintalas Anne-Christine Geneva, Suisse 07.01.2023
Inga Pfannebecker Amsterdam, Netherlands 03.01.2023
Ferdous Wahid Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh 01.01.2023
Alina Shukala Seattle, USA 31.12.2022
Marie Vabre Aulnay sous Bois, France 14.12.2022
Marie-Louise Brandt Lerum, Sweden 10.12.2022
Lutz Speidel-Flache Brackenheim, Deutschland 08.12.2022
Ксения Ванюкевич Гродно, Беларусь 05.12.2022
Tanja Wehneit Moormerland, Deutschland 28.11.2022
Jaŭhien Kiślakoŭ Orša, Biełaruś 16.11.2022
Anastasiya Rabets Minsk, Belarus 16.11.2022
Alena Kopa Minsk, Belarus 15.11.2022
Тетяна Гусар Кременчук, Україна 15.11.2022
Вікторыя Маісейчык Пінск, Беларусь 15.11.2022
Мария Дербичева Минск, Беларусь 15.11.2022
Sviatlana Alsheuskaya Vilnius, Литва 15.11.2022
Marharyra Zychkova Mahilyoŭ, Belarus 15.11.2022
Таццяна Ажаронак Мінск, Беларусь 15.11.2022
Mikhail Prakudzin Mensk, Biełarus 15.11.2022
Tatsiana Zhyvitsa Magileu, Belarus 15.11.2022
Вольга Фурманава Гродна, Беларусь 14.11.2022
Дар'я Кракавяк Гародня, Беларусь 14.11.2022
Кацярына Кучук Менск, Беларусь 14.11.2022
Марыя Шышко Gdańsk, Polska 14.11.2022
Zmitser Furmanau Vilnius, Lietuva 14.11.2022
Matra Krzesińska Warszawa, Polska 13.11.2022
Володимир Ольшаний 10.11.2022
Chadia Boufira Paris, France 29.10.2022
Colette PUZENAT Colette PUZENAT PARIS, France 20.10.2022
Ніна Чумак Мінск, Беларусь 14.10.2022
Оксана Кулыба Гомель, Беларусь 11.10.2022
Галіна Лахтадыр Бяла Падляска, Польшча 11.10.2022
Паліна Бурко Мінск, Беларусь 11.10.2022
Павел Шидловский Минск, Беларусь 11.10.2022
Валерыя Лін Sain-Peterburg, Беларусь 10.10.2022
Вераніка Урбэн Argonay (74), France 10.10.2022
Aksana Sotnikava Amsterdam, Netherlands 10.10.2022
Лізавета Мацвеева Вроцлаў, Польш 10.10.2022
Елена Левша Витебск, Беларусь 10.10.2022
Ирына Думаронак Верхнядзвінск, Беларусь 10.10.2022
Наталля Коршунава Мінск, РБ 10.10.2022
Anzhelika Buttitta München, Germany 10.10.2022
KARCHEN STOURDZE Lionèle Saint Maurice, France 19.08.2022
Володимир Ольшаний Київ, Україна 23.07.2022
Astrid SAIH LYON 05, France 12.07.2022
Honey Lace Angus Ontario, Canada 06.07.2022
Dorian Goraj Hamburg, Germany 25.06.2022
Holger Peters 17179 Gnoien, Deutschland 29.05.2022
Alena Vasilyeva Dublin, Ireland 07.05.2022
Dmitry T Dublin, Ireland 07.05.2022
Katsiaryna Beniash Minsk, Belarus 06.05.2022
Pavel Mialko 06.05.2022
Ксения Минич Минск, Беларусь 06.05.2022
Anna Kuks 06.05.2022
Vitaly Zubialevich Cork, Ireland 06.05.2022
Liudmila Kim Drogheda, Ireland 05.05.2022
Ina Hrkovic London, United Kingdom 03.05.2022
Сергей Другаков Aboyne, United Kingdom 01.05.2022
Елена Колесова Минск, Беларусь 30.04.2022
Мікіта Крыўцоў Вілейка, Беларусь 17.04.2022
Laura Mahan Barre, Vermont 05641, USA 15.03.2022
Carol Paterson Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom 15.02.2022
Hilde Skjerping Dahl Stavanger, Norway 14.02.2022
Lidi Nieboer Haren, Netherlands 08.01.2022
MAIA ST0RM Kalamazoo, United States 31.12.2021
Guénon Frédéric Paris, France 21.12.2021
Mariana Pinheiro Lisbon, Portugal 19.12.2021
Judith Eckert Mannheim, Germany 08.12.2021
Bente Fridtjofsen BODØ, norway 06.12.2021
Dominique Flandin-Granget Le Versoud, France 03.12.2021
Thomas Sefranek Roth, Germany 02.12.2021
Majen Bjerke Oslo, Norway 30.11.2021
Dim Newman 24.11.2021
Patrick Scroggin Essen, Germany 22.11.2021
Siw Ingeborg Christensen Lynne Vøyenenga, Norge 20.11.2021
Nils Herland OSLO, Norge 20.11.2021
Sofia Matos Péry, Suisse 20.11.2021
Rolv Lea Høvik, Norge 20.11.2021
Siv Bråthen 20.11.2021
Vigdis Olsen Oslo, Norge 20.11.2021
Мария Врублевская Минск, Беларусь 15.11.2021

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