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Belarus is the last country in Europe and former Soviet Union that is still carrying out the death penalty. Amnesty International, Human Rights Centre “Viasna”, Belarusian Helsinki Committee and other human rights defenders in Belarus oppose the death penalty in all cases without exception. The death penalty is a violation of the right to life, guaranteed by the Constitution of Belarus and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nothing can justify the purposeful and ruthless taking of a human life by State.

The death penalty is a destructive and divisive public policy that has been shown to have no special deterrent effect on crime. It distracts from effective measures being taken against criminality through promoting simplistic responses to complex human problems. It denies the possibility of rehabilitation and reconciliation. It prolongs the suffering of the murder victim’s family, and extends that suffering to the relatives of the condemned prisoner. Amnesty International, Human Rights Centre “Viasna”, Belarusian Helsinki Committee does not seek to belittle the suffering of the families of murder victims, and recognizes and endorses a government’s duty to protect the rights of all people under its jurisdiction. However, executions are a symptom of a culture of violence rather than a solution to it. By executing a person the state commits a premeditated killing and shows a similar readiness to use physical violence as the criminal.

In Belarus the use of the death penalty is compounded by a flawed criminal justice system that administers capital punishment in a manner that violates international laws and standards pertaining to the death penalty. There is credible evidence that torture and ill-treatment are used to extract “confessions”; condemned prisoners may not have access to effective appeal mechanisms; and the inherently cruel, inhuman and degrading nature of the death penalty is compounded for death row prisoners and their relatives by the secrecy surrounding the death penalty. Neither prisoners nor their families are told the execution date in advance and prisoners must live with the fear that every time their cell door opens they may be taken for execution.

We call on the President and Parliament of Belarus to immediately declare a moratorium on death sentences and executions as a first step towards full abolition of the death penalty.

The number of signatories 17 183

Name Country Date of fill
Людмила Полтаржицкая Светлогорск, Беларусь 20.09.2020
Bradley Lovell 20.09.2020
Hayley Peace Tampa, United States 20.09.2020
Lê Thái An Huỳnh Tp.Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam 18.09.2020
Александр Андреев Минск, Беларусь 18.09.2020
Naomi Jones Edinburgh, United Kingdom 13.09.2020
Corinna Spott Tuebingen, Germany 08.09.2020
Arlind Sherifi Tirana, Albania 07.09.2020
Maier Benjamin Helmbrechts, Germany 05.09.2020
Татьяна Теуш Минск, Беларусь 03.09.2020
Максим Ковалёнок Минск, Беларусь 30.08.2020
Drainville Vicky Montreal, Canada 29.08.2020
Фарах Амрахова Бакк, Азербаджан 27.08.2020
Marcelina Wójcik Różanka, Polska 26.08.2020
Ирина Госкинд Гродно, Беларусь 25.08.2020
Merina Diaz Sterling heights, United states 24.08.2020
Dorothea Löbbermann Berlin, Germany 24.08.2020
Reed Petersen Portland, United States 24.08.2020
Julia Derlam Porto Alegre, Brazil 23.08.2020
Ivan Rozdolskiy Kyiv, Ukraine 21.08.2020
Inzhu Arman Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 21.08.2020
Natalia Curyło Jerzmanowice, Poland 20.08.2020
Montserrat Fenosa Choclán Barcelona, Spain-Catalonia 20.08.2020
Mariia Soloshenko Kiev, Ukraine 19.08.2020
Marie Huchzermeyer Johannesburg, South Africa 19.08.2020
Julia Eckert Berlin, Germany 19.08.2020
kirsten twelbeck 19.08.2020
Pola K Warszawa, Polska 19.08.2020
John Gilmore 18.08.2020
Joseph Lotta 18.08.2020
Maria Luiza Amaro Itaboraí, Brazil 18.08.2020
Ellie Koirala Matthews, United States 17.08.2020
gosia białczyk Gniezno, Polska 17.08.2020
Sandra Merkelytė Kaunas, Lietuva 17.08.2020
Aruzhan Kenzhegali 17.08.2020
Kristine Kokina London, United Kingdom 16.08.2020
Aderall Morgan Bogotá, Colombia 16.08.2020
Владислав Волков Минск, Беларусь 16.08.2020
Аляксей Скорбеж Менск, Беларусь 15.08.2020
А М -, - 14.08.2020
Alíz Horváth Kóka, Hungary 13.08.2020
OUDY Dominique MORSANG-SUR-ORGE, FRANCE 13.08.2020
lucy winton lincoln, United Kingdom 13.08.2020
Алёна Палачанская Мінск, Беларусь 13.08.2020
Alice Riemann Wiesbaden, Germany 12.08.2020
Давыденко Александра Минск, Беларусь 12.08.2020
Анастасия Дмитриева Санкт-Петербург, Россия 12.08.2020
Julia Nowakowska Łódź, Poland 12.08.2020
Айя Амир Аркалык, Казахстан 12.08.2020
Наталля Дарожка Вялiкая Бераставiца, Беларусь 11.08.2020
Nina Schröder Berlin, Germany 10.08.2020
Baloge Clément Aubervilliers, France 10.08.2020
Jakub Kolodziejczyk Pabianice, Polska 10.08.2020
Инна Пичугина а,г Щомыслица, Беларусь 09.08.2020
Francesco Egidi Rome, Italy 08.08.2020
Наталля Дзядок Мiнск, Беларусь 08.08.2020
Brianna Brisk Milwaukee, United States 08.08.2020
Дмитрий Седлер а.г. Лесной (квартал Зеленый Бор), Беларусь 07.08.2020
Евгения Сундукова Минск, Беларусь 07.08.2020
Елена Ольшевская Брест, Беларусь 06.08.2020
Вероника Терещенко Солигорск, Беларусь 04.08.2020
Святлана Пчолкіна Віцебск, Беларусь 03.08.2020
Павел Лапкоўскi Маладзечна, Беларусь 03.08.2020
Ана Волкова Минск, Беларусь 03.08.2020
Вольга Казановіч Мінск, Рэспубліка Беларусь 03.08.2020
Дзяніс Філіпенка Ліда, Беларусь 03.08.2020
Sonck Jill 31.07.2020
Petra Kyzlinková Brno, Czech republic 25.07.2020
Маргарита Загорская Воложин, Беларусь 24.07.2020
Ирина Жвитиашвили Минск, Беларусь 23.07.2020
Irgmaier Babette Rosenheim, Deutschland 23.07.2020
Schneider Victor Decebal Rosenheim, Deutschland 23.07.2020
Андрей Конон Минск, Беларусь 22.07.2020
Анна Солтанович Минск, Республика Беларусь 22.07.2020
Екатерина Василевская Минск, Беларусь 21.07.2020
Anna Andriskowska Kartuzy, Polska 18.07.2020
Анастасия Сирнани Вилейка, Беларусь 17.07.2020
Софья Шалимо Минск, Беларусь 16.07.2020
Вольга Беська Мінск, Беларусь 16.07.2020
Константин Канюка Кобрин, Беларусь 11.07.2020
Pioras Larisa Cluj, Romania 10.07.2020
Parviz Khazaei 9495 Triesen, Liechtenstein 02.07.2020
Klaus Kröger Wedel, Deutschland 30.06.2020
Inetta Adreńska Warszawa, Polska 29.06.2020
Alexandra Nutley Krakow, Poland 27.06.2020
Gomes Stephanie Genèva, Switzerland 26.06.2020
Екатерина Косолобова Минск, Беларусь 25.06.2020
Даніла Нікіфараў Мінск, Беларусь 23.06.2020
Hanna Cencora Wrocław, Polska 22.06.2020
Наталья Нрвак Минск, Беларусь 21.06.2020
Lucas van de Beek Utrecht, Netherlands 20.06.2020
Яўген Германчук Мінск, Беларусь 20.06.2020
Ірына Дубавец Менск, Беларусь 19.06.2020
Astrid Frey Paris, France 19.06.2020
Дзмітры Паўлаў Мінск, Беларусь 15.06.2020
David Jones Bielefeld, Germany 15.06.2020
Евгений Ламеко Минск, Беларусь 15.06.2020
Helen Meyer Bremen, Germany 14.06.2020
Lou Bau Braunschweig, Deutschland 13.06.2020
Евгений Зариньш Рига, Латвия 12.06.2020

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