Council of Europe condemns latest death sentence execution in Belarus

The Council of Europe condemns the execution of the next death sentence in Belarus, the spokesperson of the organization wrote on his Twitter.

“We condemn another execution in Belarus, which was reported by human rights activists,” Holtgen said.

Holtgen stressed that the Council of Europe yet again calls on the Belarus' authorities to impose a moratorium on the death penalty.

We condemn another execution in #Belarus, as reported by rights defenders. Death is no justice. We reiterate our call on the authorities to impose a moratorium on the application of #deathpenalty as the first step towards its abolition.

Daniel Holtgen

Yesterday Viasna HRC reported the execution of another death sentence in Belarus disregarding the fact that the UN HRC was considering his individual complaint and an appeal to be filed to the General Prosecutor on reconsideration of his case.



Death verdics in Belarus since 1990