You can help

Regardless of what you are, a media editor, lawyer, school teacher or university lecturer, student or office clerk, irrespective of your employment or social status, you can help us in our efforts to change the social attitude and achieve the introduction of a moratorium on the death penalty.

- Distribute information

It may seem to you that your participation is of little importance. However, studies show that 32% of the country's population are unaware of the application of the death penalty in Belarus.

You can become a subscriber to our social networks, and impart our information with your readers.

You can also print out any information materials to hang them in you office or at the house entrance, to leave on the table in a café or throw into a mailbox.

If you are a media editor or a journalist and are interested in changing the public moods, please contact us for closer cooperation.

- Provide information

Information on convictions is not in the public domain, the number of those killed and their names are kept in secret. We know only a few dozen cases, while the sentence has been passed against 332 people.

If you know anything about the death sentence in the past or the present, provide us with any information for verification and follow-up work.

- Be active

Take part in our activities  aimed at the introduction of the moratorium – from competitions of visual artworks to appeals to the authorities.

Organize your own event in your environment – screening a movie, discussion or invitation of experts.

- Protection of the convicted

You can send a personal address to the President abut disagreement with sentencing a specific person to death, and/or join the activities of human rights defenders for the protection of the convicted person. If you are a lawyer or a representative of the suspect who faces the death penalty or a person who has been sentenced to death, take effort to ensure that the death verdict doesn't remain a private case. Take advantage of the international protection mechanisms. You can also seek assistance from our experts, who have extensive experience in compiling such appeals.