Death convict Viktar Skrundzik executed, state-owned TV reports

Viktar Skrundzik on trial. Photo:
Viktar Skrundzik on trial. Photo:

Death row prisoner Viktar Skrundzik has been executed, according to a report by the government-controlled broadcaster STV.

A story aired yesterday told about the investigation of a series of murders near the city of Sluck in 2019, for which Viktar Skrundzik was eventually sentenced to death. The narrator alleged that the convict had bene executed.

“Today he is 30. He could have been. The first death sentence of 2021,” the journalist said.

However, Skrundzik’s sister Nadzeya says she has not received any documents confirming the execution. According to her, Viktar’s last letter arrived on August 19.

Viktar Skrundzik was sentenced to death in March 2020, after the Minsk Regional Court found him guilty of killing two elderly people in January 2019. The conviction was then overturned by the Supreme Court. However, on January 15, Skrundzik was again sentenced to death.

In June, anti-death penalty campaigners received information about the possible execution of another death row prisoner, Viktar Paulau. The news was never confirmed by the authorities, though.

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