Let’s join Belarus to the world that is free from death penalty

Belarus is the only country on the post-Soviet space where capital punishment still exists, death sentences are issued and convicts are executed.

We, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, think that life is the supreme value, natural and inalienable human right. We consider capital punishment as violation of the right to life, guaranteed by the Constitution and the international treaties in the sphere of human rights. We are deeply convinced that nothing can justify deliberate and ruthless assassination of citizens on behalf of the state.

Death penalty is irreversible. Deprival of life not only does not make for the committed crimes. It will neither restore the justice, nor bring a convict to repentance and recognition of guilt. Besides, one should not forget about the possibility of court mistakes, which can result in execution of innocent people, as it has already happened in Belarus. In the case of death penalty it is impossible to correct the mistake of the court and return life to a person.

The use of capital punishment does not provide additional protection for the society, because it does not withhold people from commitment of crimes. The scientific research does not contain any convincing evidence of death penalty being a more effective means for decrease of crime than other penalties.

We'd also like to turn your attention to the fact that the procedure of execution that exists in Belarus is a kind of inhumane treatment of the relatives of death convicts: they are deprived of the opportunity to say goodbye to their relatives and cannot receive the bodies. Even the place of burial is kept in secret.

We think that a constitutional court cannot sanction assassination. Death penalty contradicts to the principles of humanism, moral, common human values and the principles of all religions that are confessed in Belarus.

All countries of Europe and post-Soviet space have already refused from capital punishment and it’s a high time for Belarus to join this civilized space of humanism, the space that is free from assassination by the state.

We, citizens of the Republic of Belarus call on the authorities of Belarus to consider our arguments and abolish the death penalty in our country. 

The petition has been signed by: 

1.   Mechyslau Hryb (video)
2.   Zinaida Bandarenka (video)
3.   Uladzimir Arlou (video)
4.   Katsiaryna Pytleva (video)
5.   Adam Hlobus (video)
6.   Zhana Litvina (video)
7.   Sviatlana Aleksiyevich (video)
8.   Tamara Lisitskaya (video)
9.   Uladzimir Puhach (video)
10. Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich (video)

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