Baranavichy: human rights defenders apply to prosecutor’s office

The human rights defenders of Baranavichy seek to stop the disgraceful practice of banning mass actions by the local authorities. Siarhei Housha, Karnei Piatrovich and Viktar Syrytsa prepared an address to the prosecutor’s office of Baranavichy district concerning the ban of a picket to them.

According to Mr. Housha, they are indignant at the very form of the denial: ‘your application for holding a picket in Baranavichy is not in line with the normative acts’. In their address to the prosecutor’s office the human rights defenders point at the fact that the normative acts they allegedly violated weren’t specified in the text of the denial. Besides, the officials exceeded the legal terms for answering. According to the law, the answer was to have been submitted five days before the action, but was submitted just two days prior to it. Even if the applicants had received a positive answer, they wouldn’t have had enough time for preparing to the picket.

On 24 September the local human rights defenders applied to Baranavichy city executive committee for authorization of the picket aimed at drawing the public attention to the continuing use of the death penalty in the country.

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