Say ‘No’ to Death Penalty! – on YouTube

The trailer Say ‘No’ to Death Penalty is presented at YouTube within the guidelines of the campaign Human Rights Defenders against Death Penalty in Belarus.

This video was prepared by the Human Rights Center Viasna with the assistance of the TV Channel BelSat and the international human rights organization Amnesty International.

The inhuman essence of the death penalty is demonstrated in the trailer through the sufferings of Varvara Yuzepchuk and Sviatlana Zhuk – two mothers, whose sons were shot in March 2010 athwart the demands of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations Organization.

Andrei Zhuk and Vasil Yuzepchuk were shot in accordance with the death verdicts that were issued to them with violations of the international norms in the sphere of human rights. The individual communications on behalf of A.Zhuk and V.Yuzepchuk were pending at the UN Human Rights Committee that repeatedly addressed the Belarusian authorities with verbal notes with the demand to suspend the execution of the verdicts till consideration of the cases on their merits.

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