Supreme Court leaves standing death verdict to jujutsu master Mialik

10 February the college board of the Supreme Court of Belarus, headed by the Deputy Chairperson of the Supreme Court Valery Kalinkovich considered the cassation appeal of a death convict, Homel resident Ihar Mialik.

On 14 September 2010 the Mahiliou Region Court sentenced Mr. Mialik to death for a series of murders, robberies and thefts committed by an organized group, and for unlawful activities with firearms and ammunition. The other figurants of the criminal case were Aliaksandr Kozyrau, the founder of the Belarusian Republican Association of Jujutsu and self-defense, and Aliaksandr Sychou, a member of the Association. Kozyrau died in the Mahiliou investigative isolator. Sychou received life sentence.

The gang used to kill foreign citizens who were driving through the territory of the Mahiliou region. The criminals seized the cars and personal belongings of the killed persons. The criminal actions were directed by Aliaksandr Kozyrau. The first crime detected by the investigation was committed on 25 June 2009. All in all, four persons were killed within three months – two citizens of Russia and two citizens of Moldova.

Having considered the cassation appeal, arguments of the defendant, his attorney and examined the additional evidence the College Board of the Supreme Court left the verdict of the first instance in force. Now Ihar Mialik has only one chance – to get clemency from Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

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