President Lukashenka dismisses petition for pardon by two death convicts

President Lukashenka has dismissed the petition for pardon by Andrei Burdyka and Aleh Hryshkautsou, said deputy chair of Hrodna Regional Prosecutor’s Office Mrs. Sviatlana Rakhman in an ONT TV channel program “Nonclassified Materials” on 22 February.

On 14 May 2010 Andrei Burdyka and Aleh Hryshkautsou were sentenced to death for armed attack on a private apartment in Hrodna back in October 2009. On 17 September 2010, the Supreme Court considered their appeals and upheld the verdicts.

In early December 2010 the UN Human Rights Committee received individual communications by the convicts, requesting for interim protection, i.e. to suspend the executions unless the Committee considers the case on the merits.


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