“Departed on Sentence” documentary presented in Göteborg

A documentary on the issue of the death penalty entitled “Departed on Sentence” has been presented in the Swedish city of Göteborg. The screening was arranged as part of the “Human Rights Days-2012”, a major event attended by some 2,000 people from across Scandinavia.

The screening of the film was preceded by greetings from its creators: director Viktar Tratsiakou, scriptwriter Palina Stsepanenka, as well as coordinator of the Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty campaign Andrei Paluda.

As part of the “Human Rights Days-2012”, the Östgruppen human rights NGO arranged over 10 seminars on the human rights violations in Belarus. The seminars were attended by Thomas Hammarberg, former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, and Maria Leissner, Secretary General of the Community of Democracies.


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