"Amnesty International" sues against prohibition of picket near Belarusian Embassy in Moscow

The international human rights organization decided to file a lawsuit against the prohibition of a picket near the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus by Moscow authorities.

The lawsuit was filed to Nikulinski court in Moscow. The interests of "Amnesty International" will be represented by the human rights association "Agora", informs the website Kasparov.ru.

The application for the authorization of the picket was filed to the prefecture of the Tsentralny district on 7 March with the observance of the time limits. The applicants indicated the aim of the event, its form, the intended number of participants and the place of holding, the people who would be responsible for holding the picket, the observance of the public order and the organization of medical assistance.

The AI activists intended to hold a picket against the ongoing use of the death penalty in Belarus.

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