Andrei Kureichyk: “I do not believe that the death penalty will save us from crime” (Video)

Andrei Kureichik
Andrei Kureichik

Famous Belarusian and Russian screenwriter and actor Andrei Kureichyk signed a petition against the death penalty in Belarus.

“I signed a petition against the death penalty because I do not believe that it will save us from crime, I do not believe that this is a civilized method of punishing criminals. I do not believe that in the context of the Belarusian legal system we can avoid fatal errors. We must be humane and civilized. That’s why I signed the petition,” says Andrei Kureichyk.

The campaign “Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty in Belarus” urges everyone to join the petition for the abolition of the death penalty. Nearly 15,000 people have made their choice. Among those who spoke out against the barbaric taking of life on behalf of the state are famous writers, actors, musicians, public and political figures: Alexander Nadson, Sviatlana Aleksievich, Adam Hlobus, Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich, Uladzimir Puhach, Liavon Volski, Zhanna Litvina, the UK Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeremy Browne, international stars Sting and Loreen, as well as thousands of other famous personalities.

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