“The death penalty: a way to the past” (video)

A participant of the movie, Andrei Kureichyk
A participant of the movie, Andrei Kureichyk

The new video, dedicated to the topic of the death penalty in Belarus, was created as part of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty". Its presentation at youtube is dated to the World Day against the Death Penalty, which is celebrated on 10 October in most countries of the world.

In the movie "The death penalty: a way to the past" well-known Belarusians, activists of culture and art, musicians and writers speak in favor of the abolition of such wild type of punishment as shooting. Thoughts and ideas are shared by actress and singer Hanna Khitryk, director and playwright Andrei Kureichyk , artist and TV host Andrei Takindanh, musician Uladzimir Puhach and writer Leanid Dranko-Maisiuk.

Bear in mind that on 5-10 October the Human Rights Center "Viasna" holds its "Week Against the Death Penalty", which will be full of activities and information on the painful issue raised by human rights activists in the Belarusian society. For example, on 5 October Bialystok hosted a rock concert "Last Dawn", an online broadcast of which was watched by thousands of people.

The Republic of Belarus remains the only country in Europe where this kind of punishment is used.

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