Zhodzina: informational actions against the death penalty

On 10 October, the World Day against the Death Penalty the Zhodzina human rights defenders held a number of memorable actions instead of the picket which they indendedto hold near the Barysau Culture Park and which was banned by the authorities.

In particular, in an electric train Minsk-barysau human rights defenders dressed in T-shirts “Say NO to the Death Penalty!” handed out about fifty postcards
"Do not take life!" which could be filled and sent to Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Some of the passengers, who paid the most active reaction to the issue, also received DVD discs with the topical documentary “Departed on Sentence”.

The same evening, similar informational actions were held in the shops and other institutions of Zhodzina, whose staff and visitors also received informational materials and DVDs.

Many police patrols consisting of 2-3 officers could be seen in the area of the railway station “Zhodzina-Paudniovaye” (“South Zhodzina”) where the activists initially intended to hold their picket. Despite this, the police didn't interfere with the activities of human rights defenders and didn't make any obstacles to them.

According to the Belarusian Human Rights Portal


Book «Capital punishment in Belarus»


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