Biaroza human rights defenders mark the World Day against the Death Penalty

Despite the picket ban, the human rights defenders held a meeting with the local citizens in order to discuss the abolition of the death penalty in Belarus. The meeting participants watched the documentary: “Death penalty: a way to the past".

After this, the people expressed their opinions concerning the abolition of the death penalty in Belarus. Here are the most typical ones:

- I am strongly against the death penalty, as miscarriages of justice happen.

- Judges are ordinary people . Law enforcement agencies do not work professionally. Their work is somewhat chaotic. Take the explosion in the metro, for instance. It is hard to believe that these guys are guilty.

- The death penalty has been abolished in Europe, but the crime rate is well below ours.

- Europe is guided by the Christian norms in this respect. It leaves it to the God to solve who is to live and who is to die, not to a man.

- The sayings of Metropolitan Filaret are quite interesting in this respect: God gave life to a man and it's up to God to take it back. You mustn't become a killer to punish a killer.

The participants of the meeting came to the conclusion about the need for continual educational outreach programs on the abolition of the death penalty in Belarus.

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