Decision on death convict’s appeal expected on October 22

Aliaksandr Hrunou
Aliaksandr Hrunou

The Supreme Court of Belarus considered today an appeal of Aliaksandr Hrunou, resident of Hrodna sentenced to death over the brutal murder of a student. The final verdict will be pronounced on October 22.

Aliaksandr Hrunou, 25, murdered his acquaintance Natallia Emialianchykava at midnight on September 20, 2012. At trial, he explained that some time before she had insulted him in the company of friends and did not apologize for that. This was the cause of his aggression. As a result, he stabbed the victim 102 times.

On June 14, a decision of the Homel Regional Court sentenced Aliaksandr Hrunou to death. In court, the defendant fully admitted his guilt and asked for forgiveness from the dead girl’s mother.

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