Bialynichy activists call for abolition of the death penalty

Civil society and political activists from the town of Bialynichy, Mahiliou region, urged local residents to join the campaign against the death penalty in Belarus. Local activists of the BPF party and the "Tell the Truth" campaign distributed postcards "We are against the Death Penalty", which suggest that Belarus should abandon the death penalty.

Postcards were distributed in shops of local entrepreneurs who are members of the BPF and activists of the "Tell the Truth". A certain number of cards have also been distributed through mail boxes and among activists living in the agricultural settlements of Bialynichy district.

The activists also called on people to sign the cards calling for abolition of the death penalty and to send them to the address of the head of state Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

The postcards demand that the government of Belarus immediately imposed a moratorium on death sentences and executions with a view to further abolish the death penalty in accordance with the UN General Assembly’s Resolution 63.168 of December 18, 2008. They also urge to replace all existing death sentences with terms of imprisonment.

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