Human rights defenders fighting for reprieve of death verdicts

Human rights defender Raman Kisliak
Human rights defender Raman Kisliak

A number of Brest human rights defenders sent to the Council of Ministers a proposal to amend the Criminal Code in order to allow a five-year stay of executions, says one of the campaigners, human rights lawyer Raman Kisliak.

“There were six signatures. Brest human rights defenders appealed to the Council of Ministers with a request to introduce such a bill in parliament. The text of the bill is attached to the complaint and the petition.”

The other day, a local activist movement of the Movement “For Freedom”, Dzmitry Rabtsevich, was detained in Brest for a picket against the death penalty. The police took him to the police station and seized a poster. He was then released. The activist wanted to draw attention to the rapid execution of death verdicts following their entry into force.

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