Death penalty: “prison drawings” inspired by executor's narration (video)

How is a shooting done? This is known only to the victims and executioners. However, the former ones won't tell anyone about it. Aleh Alkayeu, head of the remand prison No. 1 in Minsk in 1996-2001, under the command of whom 134 shootings were executed, told activists of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders against Death Penalty in Belarus" about the procedure for execution of the death penalty.

On the basis of his narration, Viktar Tratsiakou made a video from the graphic pictures, implemented in the style of prisoners' drawings.

Aleh Alkayeu asserts that the stress experienced during execuion of the death penalty is beyond comparson. “No one can even imagine. During the first execution the executioner experiences the "time dilation effect" and other signs of post-traumatic syndrome:

“Time slows down ... you can clearly see all parts of the gun and how the bullet is getting out, like on a slow-motion video... I asked others, they experienced the same thing. And then everything works fine ... and the gun too... At first the staff which were included in the group were not allowed even to come close – they watched it all from a distance. It is a killing, and such things never go unpunished.

Book «Capital punishment in Belarus»


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