Hrodna Regional Court to hear appeal by death convict’s mother

Tamara Sialiun. Photo by Siarhei Balai.
Tamara Sialiun. Photo by Siarhei Balai.

A cassation appeal by Tamara Sialiun, the mother of Pavel Sialiun, who was executed in April 2014, will be considered by the Hrodna Regional Court on April 15.

The death convict’s mother learned this from a response received from the Leninski District Court of Hrodna. The response also says appearance at the hearing is not mandatory and that anyone concerned about the outcome of the case is entitled to file an objection with the help of a private complaint.

Earlier, the Leninski District Court refused to institute civil proceedings against the Department of Corrections of the Interior Ministry, who mailed Ms. Sialiun her dead son’s prison uniform. Later, the Constitutional Court said that Tamara Sialiun could not petition the Court directly to initiate amendments to the Criminal Code.

On 12 June 2013, the Hrodna Regional Court found Pavel Sialiun, 23, former student of the Belarusian State University’s History Department, guilty under four articles of the Criminal Code, including double murder, theft and desecration of corpses. The young man had no criminal record. He said his actions were an act of jealousy – he killed his wife and her lover.

He was executed on April 18, 2014. About a month later, his mother received his prison uniform. She was not notified of the exact time and place of her son’s burial and has been unable to reclaim his body for burial.

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