Sixth argument against death penalty - inefficiency in crime prevention

Another film by the producer Viktar Tratsiakou, belonging to the series "Six Arguments against the Death Penalty", tells about the ineffectiveness of the death penalty in preventing crime.

The premiere of the whole film cycle "Six Arguments against the Death Penalty" with the participation of the film director Viktar Tratsiakou, the playwright Palina Stsepanenka and the coordinator of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders against the Death Penalty in Belarus" Andrei Paluda will be held on October 7 in Vilnius Museum of Genocide Victims (Aukų Str., 2) within the Week against the Death Penalty in Belarus.

General Yury Zakharanka, who was the Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus, meticulously studied the process of the death penalty and was planning to propose certain amendments to the legislation. For the first time General Zakharanka told it to Ales Dashchynski, correspondent of the newspaper "Naviny" ("Svaboda", February 17, 1998). In the same interview, former Interior Minister categorically spoke out against the death penalty:

“I believe that we need to eliminate the institution of deprivation of human life. The death penalty has not been able to stop crime. Forensic psychiatrists, who have studied this issue, concluded that none of the convicted persons were thinking about the possibility of being punished by death before committing a murder. The number of serious crimes doesn't increase after the cancellation of the capital punishment. It seems cheaper to shoot a man and bury him. However, in such a way the state buries itself. We need to return to humanism and humanness. (Newspaper “Svaboda”, February 17, 1998).

October 5 there started the traditional Week against the Death Penalty, whose events will be held under the slogan "Murder is not justice". The cruelty and inhumanness of this kind of punishment is symbolized by the robe of the death row prisoner that is sent to relatives of the executed instead of their personal belongings.

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