EU Speaks Out Against Death Penalty In Belarus Again

A Spokeperson of the European External Action Service (EEAS) has called upon Minsk to join the moratorium on the death penalty.

The statement has been made after the Supreme Court uphel the death sentence handed down to Ivan Kulesh by the Hrodna Regional Court in November 2015.

"Mr Kulesh is guilty of serious crimes and we reiterate our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the victims of these crimes," reads the press release published in Brussels on Wednesday.

The statement notes that the European Union will always take a stand against the death penalty.

"It has proved to fail as a deterrent and it represents an unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity," says the statement. "We urge Belarus, the only country in Europe which still applies capital punishment, to respect the right to life of each one of its citizens and to join a global moratorium on the death penalty as a first step towards its abolition."

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