Man sentenced to death in Homieĺ

Siarhei Vostrykau. Photo:
Siarhei Vostrykau. Photo:

The Homieĺ Regional Court sentenced today Siarhei Vostrykau, 33, to death on charges of raping and murdering two women.

The hearing was held behind closed doors due to ethical considerations.

Siarhei Vostrykau was also found guilty of sexual assault, kidnapping, and theft. The death sentence has not yet entered into force and can still be appealed.

According to the investigation, Vostrykau offered his colleagues to drive them to work, but took the women to a garage instead, then raped and killed them. The bodies of his victims were buried in the forest.

The first victim was a 25-year-old Alesia Pantsialeyeva, who was killed in July 2014. A year later, under the same circumstances, Siarhei Vostrykau allegedly murdered a 27-year-old Aliautsina Mashurykava. Both women were the convict’s co-workers.

Siarhei Vostrykau was previously convicted for robbery. He has a wife and a minor child.

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