Man in Mazyr sentenced to death

Kiryl Kazachok. Photo:
Kiryl Kazachok. Photo:

Another death sentence has been handed down in Belarus. Kiryl Kazachok, 39, has been found guilty of murdering his two minor children and sentenced to capital punishment, BelaPAN said.

The verdict was announced on December 28 at a hearing of the Homieĺ Regional Court held in Mazyr. The trial was held behind closed doors.

The murder of 9-year-old Kira and 17-year-old Ulad took place on January 31, 2016.

After the murder, Kiryl Kazachok called the police and threw himself off a fourth-floor balcony, but survived. The man had high concentration of alcohol in his blood on that night.

According to investigators, Kazachok committed the crime out of revenge to his wife caused by her intention to divorce him.

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