Death convict Siarhei Vostrykau executed

Siarhei Vostrykau. Photo:
Siarhei Vostrykau. Photo:

Death convict Siarhei Vostrykau has been executed, Human Rights Defenders Against the Death Penalty in Belarus said quoting the convict’s mother who reportedly received a notification from the Homieĺ Regional Court.

Campaign coordinator Andrei Paluda believes that the execution must have been enforced between 13 and 29 April, as the last letter from death row was dated April 13, and the Regional Court was informed of carrying out the death sentence on May 29. Vostrykau’s mother was allowed to meet with her son on April 5. It was their last meeting.

Siarhei Vostrykau, 33, was sentenced to death on May 19, 2016. Vostrykau was convicted of two separate counts of rape and murder. The Supreme Court later upheld the death sentence.

Two more people are still on death row: Kiryl Kazachok and Aliaksei Mikhalenia.

Kazachok refused to appeal against the death verdict to the Supreme Court.

Mikhalenia has not yet used the opportunity to appeal his sentence.

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