Belarus executes another death row prisoner

Aliaksandr Asipovich. Photo:
Aliaksandr Asipovich. Photo:

Death row prisoner Aliaksandr Asipovich was executed by shooting on December 17, according to the Mahilioŭ Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Asipovich was sentenced to death on January 9. The defendant allegedly murdered two women in Babrujsk in July 2018.

During an appeal hearing at the Supreme Court, the convict’s defense lawyers insisted that the crime was committed in self-defense.

After he lost his appeal, Aliaksandr Asipovich petitioned President Lukashenka asking to spare his life. However, the request was rejected.

In 2019, Belarus has handed down three death sentences, and three death row prisoners have been executed. Two death convicts are currently awaiting execution: Viktar Paulau and Viktar Serhil. In November, Paulau lost his appeal at the Supreme Court and is at risk of imminent execution.

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