Killings of political opponents, mass repressions, the risk of premeditated murder justified by law

In 1999, Viktar Hanchar, Anatol Krasouski and Yury Zakharanka went missing in Belarus. To date, their cases have not been investigated despite the existence of sufficient evidence proving the involvement of the top-rank state officials and the demands of the international community that effective measures be taken for a proper investigation.

In 2001 A. Alkayeu made a denunciation of the kidnapping and alleged murder of well-known Belarusian politicians. According to his statements, in 1999 he jad familiarized the SWAT commander Dzmitry Paulichenka with the procedure of the enforcement of the death sentence on errand of the then-Interior Minister Yury Sivakou.

The same year A. Alkayeu had twice issued the special pistol PB-9, used for enforcement the death verdicts, on personal orders of the minister. Later, having compared the dates, he suggested that this gun could be taken for killing Yury Zakharanka, Viktar Hanchar and Anatol Krasouski. When it became evident that law enforcement authorities did not intend to take the necessary measures to investigate the case, he left the country and spoke about his suspicions publicly.

Death verdics in Belarus since 1990